Hi, I’m Linda. I’m a freelance illustrator who loves to create characters, especially within the context of narratives.

A member of the jury which evaluated my university work before graduation gave me this advice: “never stop telling stories”. I’ve taken that advice to heart and am always looking for new ways to build narratives in my art. I’ve made work for a variety of fields, including comics, animation, new media, and video games.

I draw inspiration from both intangible and real-world sources, and often the two are woven together. Human rights, environmental issues, and other social causes are incredibly important to me, and my explorations of fantasy, sci-fi, myth, and folklore often include a layer of social commentary. I may tell a story about witches in a high fantasy setting, but those witches will be trying to dismantle a fascist government. I may illustrate notable women from Greek myths, but their stories will be viewed and interpreted through a feminist lens.

My media is most often digital, but I do also enjoy markers, pens, pencils, printmaking, and mixed media. I’ve studied fine art, animation, illustration, graphic design, and new media, which exposed me to this breadth of artmaking materials and techniques. I’ve made illustrations and animations professionally, and have exhibited in both group and solo shows in two countries.




Animation and Film Work

The Cursed Vermeulen Comic

The Cursed Vermeulen is a comic about a Baroque painter who is trapped inside his own painting for 400 years by a curse. His first real chance to escape comes in the 21st century. TCV is free to read on Tapas.

Eldfall Comic

Eldfall is the story of a witch and a rebel fighter who forge an alliance to achieve a common goal: tear down the authoritarian Cruces Order. Eldfall is free to read on Tapas.

Graphic Design

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